hébergements insolites gers
Escape(at the very heart of nature)
Just be(at the very heart of nature)
Relax(at the very heart of nature)

The place and its owners

La famille Donnais

Before it became Domaine d’Escapa, the area was dedicated to agriculture, and breeding too, with sheeps and ewes everywhere. By chance, we visited the place, which made us want to leave everything -jobs, cities and families- to share what appeared to us as “a dream”.

In 2008, after a year of works and cold sweats, our family made up of 5 kids, about 15 horses and, of course, us, Lilian and Virginie, as a couple, set up on those 40 hectares of ground in Gers.

We spent 7 years living in 3 trailers. Regular customers are aware of this old time when, from morning to evening, our lives were going from meetings to coffees, and from talks to cups of tea!

Today, we live in a real house but the atmosphere hasn’t changed and meetings, talks and improvisations keep engraving one’s memories, place and souls in a particular and permanent way.


Labels and partners

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